Cabriozentrum Osnabrück

This centre for cabriolets was formed in 2010 in subsequence of insolvency by the past auto manufacturer and cabriolet specialist Karmann.

At Karmann we were competent staff for convertible top and interior equipment for at least 40 years, as well in the field of technical development and engineering.




June 18th 2012 an article written by Gerd Placke was published in the business section of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. This article describes our know-how and expertise which is prominent Europe-wide. In the article it is shown how concerns and privates highly trust in our work on automobiles. Especially with classics, like the Käfer by Volkswagen, the Karmann-Ghia, the Pagode by Mercedes or the Porsche 356, we have unique expert knowledge.

the article


 Foto von Gerd Placke


May 04th 2011 another article was published in the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, written by Christoph Granieczny. At his new place of business in Teufelsheide, Jörg Dilge has view to the mighty signboard of Volkswagenwerke. To the business empire which meanwhile disappeared, where he worked for 30 years. It is, as if the guy who was born in Jeggen seeks motivation out of this vicinity for the new chapter of his career. Jörg Dilge went into business for himself.

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Foto: Christoph Granieczny

What has become of the former Karmann staff

As April 8th 2009 the auto manufacturer Karmann went insolvent, for many employees everything came crashing down. At the official Porsche production start, we spoke to alumni of Karmann. They tell us what happened and what has become of them.

Jörg Dilge started his education as a car upholsterer, was put through his textile engineering study by Karmann, worked here for the technical development section, was employed at Recaro in Bremen und was brought back to Osnabrück by Ludger Teeken. Teeken was director of the technical design section and is director of VW-Osnabrück, Jörg Dilge is the head of Cabrio-Zentrum in Osnabrück today.

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Chef des Cabrio-Zentrums: Jörg Dilge. Foto: Uwe Lewandowski